Lube Surveys are an integral component to any preventative maintenance program and PPC Lubricants has the support of our suppliers as well as our internal staff to perform this important task. A proper Lube Survey is built by reviewing the following:

  • A detailed review of ALL equipment using lubricants
  • A review of OEM-approved product recommendations, specifications and drain intervals
  • Specific applications for each component
  • Lubricant consolidation opportunities to minimize misapplication or misuse of a product

After gathering all of this information, a report will be generated for your business that provides recommendations on the most suitable lubricants, engine oils or other products for each application so that the total cost of operation is optimized.


Changes in equipment or application of product can and will create the need to re-evaluate product recommendations, even after the customer has come on board. For this reason, PPC provides detailed quarterly reports, showing the areas in which, we have delivered real value in terms of dollar savings to your business.


PPC Lubricants offers additional value to customers requiring on-site lubricant reconditioning as well as preventive maintenance services like:

  • Lube system assessments
  • Reservoir cleaning
  • In-line filtration
  • System flushing

These services provide the opportunity to increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of your lubricants. A full line of lubrication system accessories are available.


Due to tightening governmental regulations and the challenges of locating licensed companies in your area, proper disposal of used lubricants can be a hassle. We provide our customers with consultative recovery services to get you back in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.





  • We have enjoyed working with PPC lubricants for many years. Their resources of knowledge and product is second to none in an industry that is demanding thee deliver!”

    Jim Cryogenics Deethanizer Processing Facility
  • PPC has been my oil and lube provider for the past 4 years. I must say they are a TOP NOTCH company, and their customer service from in the office to out in the field, is outstanding.

    Clint Snyder Bros.
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    Bobby J-Tech Highway Safety Division