PPC has partnered with Drydene Performance Products and ALS Tribology to consolidate testing processes for better efficiency. When you select the Drydene Fluid Analysis Program as your testing provider, you have access to regionally located ALS Tribology laboratories throughout the United States and Canada. Latin American customers are serviced out of ALS’s Phoenix, Arizona location, where Spanish speaking representatives are available to provide support. ALS Tribology also offers on-site training, sales support and consulting services.

The Drydene Fluid Analysis Program (FAP) is a cost-effective way to monitor the fluid health of your equipment and complements other maintenance practices. The benefits of a well-executed testing program include:

  • Avoiding catastrophic failures
  • Extending oil drain intervals
  • Decreasing maintenance time and costs
  • Scheduling maintenance more effectively
  • Increasing equipment resale value
  • Providing backup for warranty claims


The Drydene Fluid Analysis Program offers a full slate of testing capabilities and standardized packages available only through our ALS Tribology partnership. In fact, there are over 150 different ASTM test procedures covering lubricants, coolants, fuels and metalworking fluids. From Diesel Engines and Industrial equipment, to Natural Gas and Non-Engine applications, the Drydene Fluid Analysis Program offers a wide range of testing packages:

  • Elemental Metals (wear, contaminant, additive, multi-source)
  • Water Content
  • Water Content – % by Karl Fischer
  • Viscosity @ 40 C
  • Viscosity @ 100 C
  • Fuel Dilution – % Volume
  • Fuel Soot – % Soot
  • Oxidation & Nitration by FTIR
  • Acid Number
  • Base Number
  • Particle Count – ISO 4406:1999
  • Coolant
  • Particle Quantifier


To get started, all you need to do is contact a Drydene expert to evaluate your testing needs. This will give us valuable insight into your business lubrication practices and types of equipment that will need to be tested on a regular basis.

This is how you get started:

  1. Contact Drydene so we can provide you with an assigned testing program expert to help guide you through the setup process. Call us at 1-877-DRYDENE or email FAP Support.
  2. Your Drydene representative will ship you your first testing kit at no cost.
  3. Click here to set up your account with ALS. You’ll have an opportunity to provide ALS your company and contact information, along with a comprehensive list of the equipment you will need to register for testing.
  4. ALS sets up your online account and then, sends you an email with your account login information.
  5. You’re ready to start testing!

Your scheduled procedural testing process will look something like this:

  1. Take samples using the clear sample bottles provided in your Drydene FAP testing kit.
  2. Assign each sample with a sample form with assigned bar code and tape to the bottle.
  3. Ship all samples back to ALS Tribology in their respective red shipping containers.
  4. Login to check on your sample report analysis online at https://drydene.alstriblology.com





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