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It’s no secret: we love our drivers at PPC Lubricants. PPC employs drivers at our regional locations, providing quick service to the areas we cover. PPC recently celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). NTDAW ran September 8-14 and honors the country’s professional truck drivers.

Across the country, professional truck drivers are often unsung heroes of American businesses. And at PPC, our transportation personnel are vital, physical connections between our customers and our products.

During the week, we treated drivers at each of our five locations to a variety of surprises just for them, in recognition of their service and dedication.

Drivers received a catered breakfast, special tumblers, and lots of visual evidence of appreciation, from banners to handwritten thanks to a special video from PPC staff.

We value our drivers as the wheels of our business. But they’re much more than transport: they’re the face of our company. When we think of our reputation for service, our drivers play an integral role in upholding our mission to be people-first and customer-centric. Consistent, friendly, and, importantly, safe deliveries ensure we can serve our customers well. Additionally, our drivers are safe, even while navigating sometimes treacherous conditions.

While NTDAW is just one week, it’s clear that PPC– and so many other companies that rely on truck drivers– are lucky to have the service of these tremendous people.

“There’s not a day that goes by that drivers aren’t out in front of our customers,” said Dave Klinger, president of PPC Lubricants. “think of them as the face of PPC: it’s the drivers, day in and day out, getting to our customers and ensuring our service is the best in the industry.”

Fast Facts

The United States trucking industry:

  • generates $700 billion each year;
  • employs over 3.5 million drivers;
  • moves 10.8 billion tons of freight, accounting for 71% of all freight in America.

Check out more facts about the industry here.

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