PPC Honors All-In Employees

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We have so much to celebrate this holiday season. That’s why the PPC family was thrilled to take some time to gather and celebrate for our annual holiday parties. What makes us even more excited is recognizing some of the outstanding PPC employees who truly go above and beyond. We honor those employees with our annual ALL IN Awards, which acknowledge employees who are driven, customer-centric attitudes and top performers across all our business units.

We’re proud of these individuals, and hope you’ll join us in congratulating them!


The honorees are:


All In Drivers:

Gary Drury

Brian Reynolds

Ed Searle

Wayne Shade

Walter Theiroff

Bob Weber

Andy Wiser

Kevin Zintak


All In Managers:

John Barnett

John Warrington

Jason Wurster


All In Leadership:

Marilyn Day

Debora McCadden

Steve Middlesworth

Shawn Smith


All In Operational Support:

Lauren Bauer

Jay Brubaker

Chuck Crispin

Ryan Henry

Kevin Scandone

Andy Schmidt

Cody Slater

Vince Taylor


All In Customer & Employee Support:

Giesala Collins

Stephen Etzweiler

Karen Hayes

Ryan Henry

Angie Schollaert

Cindy Staley

Christine Taylor

Gwen Shiffer


Presidential Award:

Rachel Sargent

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