Dave Klinger, President of PPC Lubricants, Named to PQIA Advisory Board

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Dave Klinger, President of PPC Lubricants, has been named to the Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) Advisory Board.

Founded in 2009, PQIA is an independent resource for information and insights on the quality and integrity of lubricants in the marketplace. PQIA’s testing and reporting on the quality and integrity of lubricants in the marketplace leads to increased visibility of quality, and it is expected that the PQIA’s mission will lead to wider conformance by lubricant manufacturers to specification and performance claims.

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America Advisory Board is comprised of leading professionals representing a broad range of fields related to the lubricants industry. According to the PQIA’s website, the PQIA Advisory Board “provides guidance, advice, recommendations to PQIA’s management to ensure a fair, equitable, rigorous, transparent and unbiased approach in the manner in which PQIA carries out its mission. In addition, the AB serves as an advocate of PQIA and its purpose and mission to lubricant industry stakeholders. PQIA Board Members Agree and Comply to the PQIA Code of Ethical Business Conduct.”

Members of the Advisory Board include prominent individuals from additive companies, major and independent lubricant manufacturers, lubricant marketers, as well as from General Motors.

In a statement made to PQIA, Klinger said, “I am excited to become part of the PQIA Advisory Board. I hope to bring a unique combination of commercial expertise, supply and distribution experience and an entrepreneurial mindset which will complement the expertise and experience of the other members. And I look forward to getting involved in the debates and discussions to build on PQIA’s successes in assuring the quality and integrity of lubricants in the market.”


About Dave Klinger

Dave Klinger is the President of PPC Lubricants, a 4th-generation, privately owned petroleum lubricants distributor. PPC markets and distributes lubricants, DEF, antifreeze and other functional fluids and services for automotive, heavy-duty commercial and industrial businesses. PPC has six facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since Klinger became president of the company in 2001, PPC has grown from 10 employees and $5M in revenue to 220 employees and over $200M in revenue in 2019. Klinger has accepted, on PPC’s behalf, the recognition award of winning Shell Oil’s Distributor Challenge three of the last five years.

Klinger’s strategic focus as a leader has allowed him to identify, value, and close 29 acquisitions of small to mid-size competitors, including transitioning four BP/Castrol, two Shell/Pennzoil, and two ENI Direct distribution sites. As part of his focus on smart growth, Klinger has also overseen the creation of five additional divisions of PPC’s business: PPC DEF Solutions, PPC Nat Gas Solutions, PPC DEF Blending and Production, PPC S-CORE Solutions and PPC Logistics.

Klinger is also currently the President of Drydene Performance Products which was formed in 2018 to re-launch the Drydene brand and products after a market hiatus. Drydene, a strong heritage brand dating back to 1943, has grown rapidly under Klinger’s leadership, including an already extensive product line and partnerships with motorsports groups like the World of Outlaws and Dover International Speedway.

Prior to his time at PPC and Drydene, Klinger started his career as a lubricant sales representative for Carlos R. Leffler, Inc. in 1986 and was promoted to Sales Manager in 1992 and became Vice President with Leffler in 1994. Leffler was acquired by Columbia Gas in 1997, and Klinger became Vice President at the newly formed Columbia Energy in 1997. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business from Elizabethtown College in 1986 and received a Certificate in Sales and Marketing Leadership from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

During Klinger’s career he has served on numerous industry advisory boards, including:

  • BP/Castrol DAC: 1996 – 2019
  • BP Global DAC Ambassador: 2012 – 2014
  • Petro Canada DAB: 2006 – 2010
  • CITGO DAC: 2012 – 2013

Klinger leads and lives by this mantra: I’ll either find a way or I’ll create one!‘


Read PQIA’s announcement here.

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