Cutting costs on motor oil may set you up for liability. Here’s the truth.

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PPC is seeing unusually low-priced Synthetic Blend oil being sold in the marketplace that only meets API SJ.  Please be advised that Synthetic Blends that only meet API SJ cannot be used in any passenger car sold in the last 2 decades.

In the United States, there is no requirement to how much synthetic additive an oil must contain to be called a Blend. Thus, these low-quality oils can legally be called Synthetic Blends.

How to safeguard yourself and your business:

  • Always refer to the package label since it MUST state what the American Petroleum Institute (API) and International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC) specification is for the product you bought.
  • The current API spec is SP, ILSAC is GF-6
  • If you buy your motor oil in bulk, make sure the oil specification is provided to you in writing from your supplier.

As always, PPC Lubricants is always looking out for our customers best interest and would never sell a product that does not meet the industry requirements.  In addition, below is a link to the API spec book that you can download and save for future reference to make sure you are following these industry guidelines.

Click here for API’s Current API Motor Oil Guide

If you have any questions about this information or would like to discuss further, please contact your PPC Lubricants sales representative directly.

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