PPC Lubricants Awards College Scholarships to Top Students of Employees

Author: Posted: Aug 4, 2021
PPC is proud to announce the Scholarship Recipients of 2021! We were able to award 15 scholarships to students of PPC employees this year. Dave Klinger is Read More »

Cutting costs on motor oil may set you up for liability. Here’s the truth.

Author: Posted: Apr 29, 2021
PPC is seeing unusually low-priced Synthetic Blend oil being sold in the marketplace that only meets API SJ. Please be advised that Synthetic Blends that only meet Read More »
2020 All In Awards

10 PPC Employees Win Company’s Yearly All In Awards

Author: Posted: Apr 23, 2021
PPC Lubricants President, Dave Klinger, presented the 2020 All In Awards winners. These employees go above and beyond their jobs, making PPC what it is today. Winners Read More »